Heimdall Application Dashboard

Heimdall Application Dashboard is a dashboard for all your web applications. It doesn't need to be limited to applications though, you can add links to anything you like. There are no iframes here, no apps within apps, no abstraction of APIs. if you think something should work a certain way, it probably does.


Many projects fall into the trap of trying to cater for everyone. In the process a million different options are introduced so users can fine tune the application to perfectly match their needs. The end result of this is an application that can technically accommodate the needs of all of its users, but is too complicated for any of its users.


An important aspect in getting people to use an app is to get them to want to use it. For many apps design takes a back seat to functionality. With Heimdall I tried to create a visually pleasing app to encourage people to discover its benefits. Whether I succeeded in this is for you to decide.


Heimdall Application Dashboard is backed by the linuxserver.io group.

Support is a cornerstone of linuxserver.io's popularity, and has helped contribute to over 150million docker pulls

App Support

An item added to Heimdall falls into one of three categories. It's either a Generic item, a Foundation app, or an Enhanced app.

Generic Apps

One of the benefits to Heimdall is you can add a link to absolutely anything, whether it's intrinsically supported or not. With a generic item, you just fill in the name, background colour, add an icon if you want (if you don't a default Heimdall icon will be used), and enter the link url and it will be added.

Generic Apps

Foundation Apps

With these and indeed the Enhanced apps below, you just start typing the name of the app and if it's supported it will show up in a dropdown, click the app name and it will fill in a default background colour and the applications icon. All you need to do is put the URL you want to link to.

Foundation Apps

Enhanced Apps

These are exactly the same as Foundation apps, the only difference is they also allow you to use an apps API to display some extra information automatically by just entering API credentials.

Enhanced Apps

Request an app or help out by creating a foundation app



Using a docker is probably the easiest way to get Heimdall Application Dashboard up and running.



Even without using Docker, it's very easy to get Heimdall up and running. Just point your HTTP daemons document route to the /public/ folder.

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